We still have that programmed into us, although you’d have thought we’d have grown out of it.”However while the small man/tall woman combination is rare it’s quite easy to think of celebrity examples.Rod Stewart’s three wives have all been leggy blondes while Jerry Hall is far more statuesque than ex-husband Mick Jagger, as is Mick’s current partner L’Wren Scott. According to Quilliam you’re more likely to find couples of this kind among high-profile people.

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You can bypass this meat market crap-fest by being open minded and considering women who are your height or (wait)... In short, there are plenty of women who will find you attractive the way you are, but fear being judged or ridiculed for not finding (what society thinks is) a 'better' contender.

Society currently has this idea that if you are a short man, you are doomed to be perpetually single and deal with mediocre relationships at best. According to television shows, movies and even blogs, 'perfection' begins at or near 6 feet.

Yeah, pretty small - and then there's the rest of us.

So this is where you just have to own who you are and not worry too much about what the media projects.

A tall, model-like ­partner can make for a great trophy on their arm.”Another theory is that when particularly short men (think Ronnie Corbett) go for taller women they are unconsciously evening out the gene pool as their children are more likely to be of average height. “Women are often drawn to charismatic men and shorter men often try harder on that front,” says Quilliam.

“They’re often more adventurous, ambitious and driven.”As to whether these relationships are any more or less likely to work, she adds: “It’s probably less likely when you’re making the decision in your teens, when appearance is more important.Equally, the smaller woman is going to make the man feel more ­protective.If she were taller a man might feel slightly overwhelmed and almost inferior.“Women prefer taller men and men prefer shorter women.We are, genetically, attracted to partners who are going to be good for mating so the taller, stronger, more physically fit man is going to win on a visceral level.Just as there is a small percentage of women who possess true hourglass shapes, long real silky hair, sizable boobs and a perfect smile, us men span the spectrum of body types.