The goal of ASPIRED is to reduce the rate of groundwater extraction in the Ararat Valley to more sustainable levels. USGS will work with USAID Armenia, USAID’s Global Development Lab, and their associates to develop scientific tools that groundwater-resource managers can use to understand and predict the consequences of their resource management decisions. L., 2016, Building science-based groundwater tools and capacity in Armenia for the Ararat Basin: U. The well owner stated that the pressure and discharge have decreased markedly in the last few years.

The objectives for this study are: (1) to characterize the hydrogeologic framework and conditions in the Ararat Valley; (2) to summarize groundwater resources in the Ararat Valley and begin to design a groundwater monitoring network; and 3) to provide technical workshop(s) to build expertise in country for managing groundwater resources. Some of the documents are presented in Portable Document Format (PDF); the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader or similar software is required to view it.

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The growth of aquaculture in the Ararat Valley has been accompanied by increased withdrawal of groundwater, and, in many places, a loss of artesian conditions (figure 2).

The aquaculture demand is relatively new, but is in addition to other municipal, irrigation, energy and industrial uses. Field training on measuring the hydraulic head (water level) above land surface using a pressure gage for a flowing well in Sis, Armenia.

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