A sociopath is able to be different things with different people. But always you will notice a lack of long term friends from his past. And he will continue to do this, to your face, until the end.

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We all know that person who can command a conversation, or talk you into doing just about anything, the kind of person people love to be around and the kind of person people love to hire.

The question is: How do you become that kind of person?

There are no life-threatening emergencies happening on Twitter or Instagram (looking at pictures of your friend's lunch can wait).

Acting self-important and pretentious will not attract the kind of genuine people you want in your life, and it will surely turn off anyone who is successful and worth knowing.

Only speak when you have something important to say or have some good insight into their issue.

Since being present is such a rare quality these days, put away your damn phone.

These are more important than you think in exuding confidence and leadership, and it’s a habit to be mindful of since we tend to like others who have their sh*t together and know how to make a decision.

Using these tips may not turn you into someone with Obama-level charisma, but having people like you a little more can be helpful in pretty much all areas of life.

The charismatic will, to your face, be delightful company. Will also sit there staring, and when you say ‘what are you looking at’ will then say ‘am just looking at how beautiful you are’.