Thousands of free video lessons are worth watching. One new video is posted a week which will help you with a particular part of the English language. If you are a teacher, your students can do these exercises aloud in class and later on they can revise them at home.Right now, most of the videos are about verb tenses - present, past, future and perfect - but the ' Lucky Dip' playlist has special videos about nouns and vocabulary. If you are a student, keep on trying until you can do the exercise fluently. Teacher Diana's goal is to make students feel confident speaking English and to make learning English as simple and as fun as possible. These fun characters will help you learn the basics of the English language. 25 English Video Lessons If you need more explanation about one of the grammar or vocabulary sections, these video series will really help you.

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Studying and remembering English slang and idioms is fun to do, but it can also be very difficult.

These videos will help you understand and use many types of English slang and idioms.

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Barry Evans stars as Teacher Jeremy Brown who is attempting to teach English to a class of mixed nationality students.

The first series had 13 episodes and was shown from December 1977 to March 1978.

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