It’s a bar in the already bar-heavy Castro, but this one serves well-executed comfort food (by ‘Top Chef’ alum and Today Show regular Ryan Scott, no less) seven days a week and into the late hours.

There’s great, diverse food out here and the coffee culture is amazing.

I’m a big fan of Andytown Coffee Roasters and Trouble Coffee Co.

Scott tackles cooking tips, an aversion to calling the cops on his customers, and details a hair routine that rivals a certain former Mayor.

Is Finn Town the most happening spot in San Francisco right now? The new upscale tavern certainly has the makings of a success.

The culture, style, stories, coffee, baristas (Paul is my favorite), everything is great!

When you walk in you feel everything that’s happened in there- from the Beats to Jefferson Airplane and the San Francisco sound to Francis Ford Coppola sitting and writing The Godfather.

Put the jars back in the oven at 250 degrees for 30 minutes and when done rest them on a rack for 24 hours at room temperature. Liz is a force to be reckoned with and I believe one of the best chefs in the country; her savory is just as good as her sweet! Gayle and John put eggs on the map and the restaurant’s longevity is a testament to their culinary wizardry.

The jars will pop on the counter and be ready to go after that! The third would be Bruce Hill; he’s under the radar, but not. RS: I never thought there would be a day that my hair got more attention than my food!

Their request might not even be that person’s preferred choice, so much as necessity. But there was one time when I was shooting the Rachael Ray Show.

I hear this voice, and this lady walks in and says “helloooooo.” It was Oprah!

I’ve been seeing the same stylist for 10 years; his name is Bao Bao.