I am also willing to mail the frame to the UK for verification.I wish not to have to do this due to the possibility of loss or damage, but as a hobbyist and an honest guy I feel that it may be necessary.If there actually WERE any prototypes in existence, do you really think they would have come off e Bay for dirt cheap like Mark Rich's blue, early `69 Mk1? I Hope you don't pay out with that poor attempt of frame number, that number two is well dodgy dog, fresh paint & filler suspect!!!

choppers dating-33

I have a trusted friend in West Malling, Kent who I bet will be a 3rd party observer in this case.

As I figured in my previous email, I do not believe that my detractors know me.

I hope what I see there won't lessen my enjoyment of this bike.

I would guess that anything negative said must be from folks who do not know me. , I have just read the comments on my claim that I have the oldest chopper in the world. I am willing to entertain suggestions on what would be the best way to prove that the serial numbers are original.

This page is for interest only, and the reward will stand.

I know that if it ever came to his attention that the person he purchased this Raleigh Chopper from had made up the frame number, I am sure I would be the first to know.

May be worth some-one who has the rest of the Hot-one mags checking the other bike registers to see what turns up. All 1968 choppers started with the serial numbers 04163** Some for the UK and the bulk being sent to the USA. It is not the 100 reward that bothers me, it is the fact that someone has gone to the trouble of stamping a frame so they can collect 1000 for it.

Safe to say that there are obviously proto-types out there for some lucky sod to find, problem is I think America have the majority of them! Strange how we've never heard of any of the people going on about Richdogs mk1,as for Paul trainer, load of old tosh. Now that's worth commenting on, so what da ya say Catfood ? I have a 1968 chop and the serial number is 0416361 so i can not see that raleigh would start numbering from 0416200 as they say in statements from the past only a few prototype models were made and i think around 50 bikes sounds about right, if you take into acount that the scrap yard/tip has most of them then perhaps there are only less than 10 in existence.

I will try to remove the respray with lacquer thinner and we will see if there is rust or corrosion on the stamped serial numbers [like the blue bike].

If not conclusive, I will sand blast the frame in the spot in question and take a pic of that.

"Jim Barnard has been a great help to this site, and has never given me any doubt to think he would even think about making up a frame number.