You can fight back against pop-ups by making sure you have your browser configured correctly, having the latest version, or even changing to a new one.

The most common Generations Support issues are listed here and are quick and easy to resolve.

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If you upgraded your system to the Plus or Plus 64 system but installed from your original 1.5 or less installation CD, please follow the steps below.

If you purchased a used system, you will need to register the system in your name to receive the latest update or install for your Generations program.

Another common cause of this error is when Generations owners use the original installation CD to reinstall the program or have purchased used systems with old install disks.

The Generations PLUS 64 system will operate on your new Windows 10 computer.

Owners of older Generations systems such as PLUS or the Standard version will need to download the newest dongle driver from our support site to allow the program to operate and may need to make changes to some display settings.

Please see notes in the FAQ section on Images and Dongle Drivers.

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The Collector DVD, The Complete Season One is available since November 4th 2008, Chris Kramer is best known for his lead role in the Canadian television series The Collector.

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