I did not like this at first but the entire club smelled like fahrenheit then. Overall 9/10 Testing today a vintage original mini. Longevity and Projection seems to be a little less strong comparing to 2009/2013 batches, about average , even my Aqua Fahrenheit batches from 2011/2013 seem to have a better performance in both aspects, will wait for early spring to test further.

But basically, it's a good fragrance In my view, and in opinion of many people, a masterpiece of the perfumery. It's said that smells like aromatic hydrocarbons (concretely gasoline). performance was alright but not great at 6-7 hours.

This fragrance doesn't have gasoline like note but it's true that it has a vibe. I get a smoky charcoal smell, similar to the dying embers of a fire. Also I happen to own Uomo by Ferrari which is not identical but in the same vein and a cheapie. The Uomo one is smoother and more linear to my nose than Fahrenheit.

On summary, a wonderful fragrance, unique and very manly. Package: 10/10 Quality: 7/10 Scent: 10/10 Uniqueness: 10/10 Longevity: 7/10 Sillage: 6/10 Versatility: 6/10 Overall: 8 My favorite scent and my first real scent as a young teenager. I would definitely see myself wearing this on a night out. I don't get all the talk about it smelling like "gasoline" or "petrol". Not bottle worthy to me though because its similar to the ferrari and a much higher price. The opening is very smooth, fresh orange with lots of vanilla and feel of cinnamon, soft and a bit sweet, leathery and violet the famous petrol dry-down is still there, but seems a little harsher, specially smelling it from up-close.

I remember getting this scent as a 17 year old getting into 21 and up clubs. It is basically still the same Fragrance, that you can recognize in a instant.

This ''rare effect'' it will be due to the blend of notes. Take that and infuse with florals (Violet being the dominant) and thats what this is. I actually got to smell fahrenheit absolute before this, so the DNA of the original didn't catch me off guard. Another comparison you could make to this is Gucci Pour Homme II. To me it smelled more floral than anything, in a good way. I guess you could say the Ferrari Uomo is "gentleman" and Fahrenheit "Bad guy/daring" to put it in terms.

For a synesthetic Fahrenheit smells like orange and red and sounds like Wagner's Götterdämmerung finale hehe. I find they are quite similar but Gucci is sweeter and less smoke. I prefer Fahrenheit because its less smooth and dirtier.

Some get gasoline, others get a greasy mechanic vibe, and I myself am reminded of a vintage can of old shoe polish that my dad kept around, a scent that I enjoy but not necessarily in perfume form.

Violet and other florals are present to tame the beast, but are equally sharp and very grassy.

Its dual nature makes it appropriate for both the horny teen w/ pit stains stuttering out an invitation to prom to his high school crush and the young urban family man who wants to keep some effervescence alive in his marriage.

Go pick out a bottle or two, they even sell it at drug stores!

That petrol smells goes on strong for an hour and last to remainder of the scent. This latest batch, IMHO, is the closest they have got to the original in many years.