I find that the more we talk I fall in love with her more and more everyday. We got married in october 2016, and are absolutely, completely in love with each other. We wish for you and for everyone the same that happened to us.

It is now Feb 2017 and in a month or so from now we will be meeting for the first time in the Philippines to formalize our wedding plans. The story of the miracle that God created by bringing us together.

God is an amazing God and he has blessed me so much and shown me mercy and grace by bringing Christine into my life. Thank God for CDFF, and for His creativity in using so many ways to make Himself known, and more precious to us!

well fast forward a few months and mid June we chat again and this time she was single and after a short week of chatting nonstop i asked her to be my GF and then maybe a week later to Marry me we spent 3 months putting our wedding together i flew out in Dec. 20, 2016 we married and I have never been so loved she is more than any man could ever pray or ask for and every day she does something else to make me even happier I give all Praises to our Lord and God for bringing us together and for always doing His mighty work and Will in our lives, thank you CDFF for providing the format here for people to chat as it is a more public means to ease the awkwardness of one on one, we can chat with many and see how they shine or don't from day to day week to week and that really helps the shy folks like me Thank you so much CDFF for helping me find my forever love. We were both searching for a long time till in our forties both without success till we met each other in CDFF.

What a blessing your work have been to so many lives I believe as in was in ours.

It wasn't always easy being in an LDR, and many challenges we had to overcome including racial stigmas, difference in cultures, trust and Faith.

Through prayer, fasting and steadfastness all these things were overcome and we met in Singapore in April 2016!

In June 2009, I looked at the Christian Dating For Free Web site, out of curiosity mostly.

I was wondering what kind of person would be on the site.

After telling Christine my story i thought she would turn away but instead she opened her heart to me and accepted me for who I am.