“She’s in her underwear every other day with her cakes sitting on her counter. I’m not looking for wifey, I’m looking for a wife.” His infamous chest tattoo of a cross, which he drew himself, actually came as a result of a break-up.

“I got that tattoo the day I got my ring back from my ex-fiancée. I took the ring back to the jewelry store and got some cash back and I said, ‘You know what, I want a tattoo.’” Growing up on the tough streets of Flint, MI wasn’t always so easy for Keyes. It made me a better parent.” Being a single father to Christian Jr. "Just make the time and ask open-ended questions and listen.

Christian keyes dating 2016 video

TCV: Who would you say in the entertainment business inspires you? It’s called “Ladies Night.” It’s a black version of “Magic Mike” meets “Takers,” which I wrote the script and the cast is shaping up really nicely.

Christian: I can’t say just one individual I take notes on a wide range of actors. So I watch a little of everyone to try to and see how they create those honest and magical moments. So far it’s: myself, Lamman Rucker, Wesley Jonathan, Wendy Raquel Robinson, Vanessa Bell-Calloway, Marcus Patrick and we’ll probably cast another 5 to 6 more major roles. I definitely think the fans are definitely going to be pleased at how we present it.

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He also discussed his song “Cook My Dinner Naked” and the concept behind the video.

“In the video, she’s my wife, and the marriage bed is undefiled. Yes this is sexual in nature, but this is also a man coming home to his wife.” Keyes, who is currently single, gave insight on why he doesn’t prefer dating women with racy pictures on social media sites.

Christian: Reggie manages a gym with two CRAZY friends played by Jason Weaver (“ATL” and “Drumline”) and Carl Payne (“Martin”) two extremely talented actors.

Reggie comes into a large some of money in the form of an inheritance.

Talented actor, singer, screenwriter, and author Christian Keyes sat down for an interview on Black Hollywood Live’s top-rated show “Next” to discuss his new book Carl Weber Presents: Ladies Night, stripping for money on a dare, cooking dinner naked, and more.

In his new book Ladies Night (Urban Renaissance/Kensington Books), Keyes’ main character, Amp Anthony, turns to exotic dancing after a tough life on the streets.

Although most of the book is fictional, Keyes brought the element of male stripping from his own personal experience.