“I am the spokesperson for Resolve, the National Infertility Association, so we could get away with it.

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“The intention of my asking the men to give me their sample was for them have some insight into my real life.

They came to the show to vie for the love of their 'fantasy woman,' Cindy Margolis.

Brian, Otoja, Leighton, Terry, Nathan, Art, Jeffrey James, Marc, Christopher, Timmy, Kenny, Eric E., and Chris all receive garters.

Jonathon, Dave, Marc, and Josh are left out in the cold. Seducing Cindy airs Saturdays at 9pm ET on Fox Reality.

Cindy tried her best to convince the parental units that she was serious about their son and could see a future with him.

Eric eventually kicked them out so he and Cindy could hit the hot tub and have some intimate time together. Leighton has the final date of the evening and if he ends up going home, it won't be without a fight. This 24 year old, who once posed in Playboy, is ready to be a husband and a stepfather? Cindy is so moved by Leighton's proposal that she gets down on the floor with him and asks him if this is really what he wants and of course, he says yes. The last one out is always the winner so it was time to say goodbye to our Reality Wanted member.

The top two guys that are the fastest and most potent will win a date with Cindy. Chris gets a date for the fastest delivery, while Otoja wins one for being the most potent guy in the house.

Cindy decides to bring two more guys along based on what her future children would look like and goes with Leighton (obvious choice) and Shaun.

by Gina Scarpa Tonight, on Seducing Cindy, the guys learn about Cindy's issues with infertility and how she ended up being able to have children. This leads us to the first challenge of the competition. The first one done, Chris was out after 2 ½ minutes. Jonathon sits down with a Cindy Margolis comic book but refuses to do it in a cup.