If you remain invested in a debt fund for 3 years or more, you can avail of long term capital gains tax of 20% and also get indexation benefit.

This in effect, brings down your tax rate even further.

Earlier paragraphs explain the intended functioning of BSL Dynamic Bond Fund and does not guarantee positive returns in rising and falling interest rate scenarios, since value of investment made may be affected by other factors not limited to Mark to Market losses.

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The real winner is the one who not only stands tall but also performs in all such scenarios.

And this is possible only when we plan ahead and are prepared for all conditions.

So, in effect, your deposits to your savings account will progressively lose their ability to buy the same items orservices in future.

However there is an alternative that could be a good decision for your idle money.

However in case of one of our products below - Birla Sun Life Dynamic Bond the compounded annual growth has been 10%* in the last 10 years.

Typical savings bank account interest rate, debt funds are more tax efficient.

Past Performance may or may not be sustained in future. Sometimes in our life, we take a lot of things for face value and not dig deep enough to realize their true potential.

The comparison of Birla Sun Life Cash Manager Vs other traditional savings instruments has been given for the purpose of the general information only. Source of Interest Rates: BSL Cash Manager: Weekly Rolling returns calculated on a monthly basis for the last 10 years - 1st May 2006 to 30th April 2016. Similarly, we tend to do the same with our hard earned money by leaving it in our bank account and depriving ourselves the chance to unleash its true power.

The fund will also emphasise collaterals/covenants where it believes is required.