Crawford is phenomenal as the center piece to everything and finally proves that's he's not just a pretty face.

A former model, Crawford has gained popularity as one of the leads in Gossip Girl and it has been said, on more than one occasion, that his looks are the reason, but he proves them all wrong with a gutsy and amazing performance in Twelve.

I am always drawn to films where characters intersect in random ways.

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It works really well and its the only good thing "Twelve" has to offer: its interesting characters. His monotone voice giving me useless background information that I didn't need to know and didn't give a fuck about.

You watch the movie and your really dwelled up in whats going on but the movie ends to quickly and veiwers are left with many questions. The final conclusion doesn't really tie much together and thats what really kills "Twelve". I like how all the characters' stories intersect over the course of the night, but ultimately, this movie falls flat. Omggggg I didn't even watch it for that long, but it drove me insane.

In the tough world of Drug dealing, gangs etc, "White Mike" seems to flow through with no trouble from more likely dealers, meanwhile we hear lots of back stories from all the characters, which never really go anywhere, it's a bit of a "pretty film".

Fans of 50 Cent, will probably be disappointed in his small role, which really doesn't mix in too well.

Now, I am not saying "Twelve" is a good film, I will say it's an entertaining film. While director Joel Schumacher adds some interesting directorial flourishes, the cast never really delivers the emotions it needs to truly work.

The film starts out like an extremely obvious New York City version of "Less Than Zero" but surprisingly, as the film moves along, it gets farther away from that and finds it's feet- no matter how wobbly they might be. I have seen worse films about teenagers and drugs ("Havoc") and I have certainly seen better ("Requiem for a Dream").

Forced by unforeseen circumstance, White Mike has become their dealer and has all the dirt on these elite people.

As for the story, it's a complicated, winding tale, that I honestly found to be intriguing.

You never know whose going to show up and what their story might be.

Twelve is one of the smartest and most innovative dramas I've seen in years and has earned the rare honor of being called a can't miss film!

Twelve is the story of 17-year-old White Mike, the privileged son of a restaurant tycoon.