More information about playoffs for the 2016/17 Indoor Season can be found under the Playoffs section of our Rules & Regulations and under ID Cards can be obtained Monday to Friday between am and pm for *.

This information will be sent to the team contact after Final Alignment.

The cost for each player’s registration will be $40.00 for the indoor season, and that payment can be made at the time of registering via Pay Pal or Credit Card. An individual can use the "Guest" option, however this is limited.

For that reason there will be room to manually write players names and ID numbers on the game sheets.

If you are not using an up-to-date game sheet it is the Team Contact’s responsibility to make sure that only players who are on the current online roster are playing in the game.

Registration for Youth Team Sport Leagues is accepted at all City of Stockton Community Centers.

Download the Youth Sports Registration Form; please specify sport, season and location and return the form to the Community Center that is your preferred (but not guaranteed) location for play.

WB1: Sunday, Tuesday WB2: Sunday, Tuesday WB3: Sunday, Tuesday WB4: Sunday, Monday, Thursday* WB5: Sunday, Monday, Thursday* * Thursdays will be used (if necessary) as a rescheduled night to avoid back to back Sunday-Monday games.

WC1: Sunday, Wednesday WC2: Sunday, Wednesday MM1: Sunday/Wednesday & Monday/Friday MM2: Sunday/Wednesday & Monday/Friday Men's / Women's / Women's Classic's (Boarded) - 24 game season Men's Masters (Boarded/Turf) - 24 game season Men's / Women's (1/2 Field Turf) - 18 game season Men's / Women's Over 50 (1/4 Field Turf) - 18 game season Coed (Boarded) - 14 game season Coed Masters (Boarded or Family Focus) - 14 game season SAS will be having an end of season tournament at the completion of the indoor season to serve as playoffs.

Please strike out the names of players on out dated game sheets who are no longer on your roster.

Games will be overturned and teams will be fined if they play ineligible players.

The City's Community Services Department offers safe, fun, and friendly youth sports programs at schools, playgrounds, and community centers.