In fact, they got along well although Farrell declines to pass judgment on the authenticity of the Irish accent Crowe affects for the movie, saying tactfully: "Do I think Russell's dialect is perfect?

I think he nailed what he was going for and it's a really cool, bold, base, dirty kind of guttural thing that he does.

"It tastes even worse than it looks," he says with a grin.

"It's very expensive and it's the nasal fluid of a dragon and when I finish it I'm going to live forever." He laughs.

And now according to , the actress had been secretly meeting up with Farrell at the gym behind her then-boyfriend’s back.

A so-called “source” tells the tabloid, “Kirsten and Colin have shown up together a few times, and sometimes he picks her up after her private lessons.” The tabloid’s dubious insider further alleges that Farrell attempts to lay low while supposedly waiting for Dunst in the gym’s parking lot.

I haven’t posted about Colin Farrell in a LONG time. Despite the fact that he’s actually never looked better. Yesterday, however, Colin stepped out in Hollywood with an attractive woman. At first, in thumbnail, I was like, oh, it’s probably his sister, because the paps are constantly confusing his sister as his girlfriend.

He and Alicja Bachdela broke up in 2010 and since then he’s been focusing on his kids.

Last year, he claimed in an interview that he hadn’t dated for four years.

On the personal side, it’s been a while for Colin in a relationship.

That’ll probably be the next time his work will reach a wide audience.

Colin Farrell strolls into the hotel suite, grimacing as he sips from a glass of disgusting-looking green liquid.

This leads inevitably to talk of love and romance, a subject the actor is something of an expert at, having been linked to a string of beautiful women during a seven year romantic whirl through Hollywood.