I pulled her as close as possible and her scent make me weak with envy. I'll need to tell her after the dance how i feel and see if she'll go out with me.

The first lady of Camelot and we are very aware that she is top dog. She's a go-getter, stand up for herself kind of girl.

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I couldn't believe Merlin was over we had been doing this for 5 years.

It's kind of sad because we have this routine every year that we go back to the set but now we won't and we won't see the people we have all these years. the scent of her hair drove me mad every time I was near her.

Before acting, Katie Mc Grath wanted to work in fashion journalism.

Unlike the other actors and actresses of Merlin, Katie has never attended any acting school.

(2013-14)    TV Series:   - He was in an Irish drama "Quirke" set in Dublin during the 1950s  as a crime reporter named Jimmy Minor.

(2014)   - He will be appearing in "The Fall" set in modern-day Belfast as a  detective sergeant hunting for a serial killer, named Tom Anderson.

 (2014)    Films:   - "Testament of Youth" as Victor Richardson, a student and  lieutenant during WWI - a historical biopic about WWI based on Vera  Brittain's memoir of the same name.  (2015)   - "Legend" as Frankie Shea, brother-in-law and driver of the  infamous Reggie Kray (of the Kray Twins) - a biopic about London  gangster who were famous in the 1950-60s who were linked with The  Beatles and other political and famous celebrities.

She has been in two celebrity relationships averaging approximately 3.7 years each. Given Name: Katherine Elizabeth Mc Grath Age: 33 (10/24/1983)Occupation: Entertainment - Actress Most Famous For: Morgana of Merlin "When she first came over for dinner, she started crying. " I explained that they were trying to get a word in edgewise and they talk passionately!

"As for tonight come in your best clothes because were gonna be having the dance we always have here after Merlin and were gonna invite every person that has ever been in Merlin" he said.

We all went to our trailers and got undressed to our usual clothes. When i looked at myself in the mirror I looked pretty swish with my bow tie.

As we walked to the wrap up party I asked where Bradley and Katie were and she said that Bradley went to get Katie then she added that Katie was as bad as me taking years staring at myself in the mirror. When we got in there was really loud music playing.