Interpersonal conflict is something that often occurs in a gathering of people, especially in a high-pressure situation such as the workplace.

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If you still live at home with a parent or parents, you may have daily conflicts with your family as you try to balance your autonomy, or desire for independence, with the practicalities of living under your family’s roof.

But a closer analysis of the situation might show several communication barriers between the two groups that are causing a misinterpretation of information that leads to conflict.

By correcting the issues, the company improves interdepartmental communication and boosts productivity.

A proactive manager can find a way to allow both parties to benefit from their ingenuity, and to encourage those competing factions to work together to develop a common solution.

As conflict spurs creativity, the realization of a common goal can mold that creativity into an effective team.

But maintaining a healthy level of interpersonal disagreement can be important to the success of a business.

Interpersonal conflict inspires competition among staff members.

Among same-sex friends, competition was negatively associated with academic class and positively associated with number of role relationships.