This is why they regularly try to compensate for their alleged lack of sexual attractiveness by being extremely nice with girls they like, paying a lot of attention to them or buying them expensive gifts.

You don't need a bunch of complex crap that sounds good but you'll never use (and by the way, doesn't even work!

) Okay, so in the short time and space we have together, let's give you something you can use starting right now: Shy guy dating tip #1: make being shy work for you.

But what these perceived risks are exactly, why they are perceived and what they signify varies from one person to another, and it varies based on gender as well. On average, they are significantly more important for them than they are for women.

I discovered that shy guys have two limiting beliefs in particular, which feed their timidity. Men are especially competitive, achievement-seeking and results-oriented.

What matters is that you can use this simple but extremely powerful technique to take on new behaviors that will really become your own after a very short time.

Yes, dating can be scary but everyone needs to go through it if we want some romance in our life! Everything you need to kw about dating, those secret questions you want to ask but can't ask in person, you just want to check if your dating style is appropriate, and plus a lot more, is all discussed here.

A lot of shy guys appear to deem that their lack of social confidence is the result of their shortages in terms of success, status, looks, charisma or sexual experience.

Although these shortages may be to some degree real and they can be contributing factors to shyness, their role is only secondary.

Think of someone who has the kind of confidence you really wish you had: who could that be? Would it be a fictional person like 007 James Bond? Pick that person and practice acting like that person.