Click on the drop-down button next to the yellow-star-button, hover over Create New and click on Copy from other organisation.

In the dialog box, simply select the source Organisation for the Account Tree and click on the checkbox for the Account Tree you wish to copy over.

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Consolidating budget reports video

"Its acquisition by SAP ensures consistency and continuity: we’re confident that development on the package will continue as planned.” In terms of integration and knowledge transfer, SAP partner element61, with a strong presence and track record in this area, was the logical choice.

They are the most experienced partner when it comes to SAP BPC integration and implementation, and they coached Deceuninck’s IT department during the different stages.

Therefore before moving to consolidated organisation reports you should first configure settings and generate reports on a per organisation basis.

During consolidations Calxa will attempt to merge account balances from each organisation’s chart of accounts.

Until 2008, consolidation at Deceuninck was mainly a manual activity, with all the inconvenient that this entails.

The process was error-prone, due to the absence of automatic checks.Merging of balances will only occur where an exact match can be made.An exact match is only present when accounts in each organisation have the same account number, account name and header account structure.See the help note called Use Consolidations for Multi-Currency or Partial Ownership Consolidations for more details.It is important to understand that all Cashflow Settings and calculations are applied on a per organisation basis and then the calculated values are consolidated.In Calxa Premier you can consolidate multiple organisations to display their combined Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and Cashflow Forecast reports.