Our wizard will help you summarize, analyze data or prepare a report by joining multiple records and creating a consolidation table.Often we keep identically structured data in multiple spreadsheets and files.

You can also remove any worksheets you and your colleagues won’t need by right-clicking the tab of an unneeded worksheet and, on the shortcut menu that appears, clicking Delete.

TIP You can also save your Excel 2016 workbook either as an Excel 97–2003 template (.xlt) or as a macro-enabled Excel 2016 workbook template (.xltm).

Data consolidation in Microsoft Excel is arguably one of the most challenging and time-consuming tasks.

But you can do it hands-down with Consolidate Worksheets Wizard.

There are two lists in your worksheet, and some of values in the lists are duplicates, and you want to combine these two lists and just leave the unique values, as shown as the below screenshots, how can you do? In the Remove Duplicates dialog, if your column has no header, uncheck My data has headers, and then click OK. Then a dialog displays on the screen to tell you the duplicates have been delete, click OK.

See screenshot: You can see the result: Sub Find Uniques() 'Updateby20140313 Dim rng As Range Dim Input Rng As Range, Out Rng As Range x Title Id = "Kutoolsfor Excel" Set Input Rng = Application.

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See screenshot: Click here to know more about Select duplicates & unique cells.

Simply install the add-in and now you can easily: Consolidating data from multiple worksheets into one is no longer a challenge!