The traditional dating scene where one has to go through a literal trial and error situation and often settle for second best has given way to these modern and streamlined cougar websites.

So do not go overboard with the affection and constant pinging.

All cougar websites have fields where you can filter you choice depending on your tastes.

Like most men, you find yourself daydreaming about the boss’s hot […] Men the world over look forward to the day they meet a cougar. Maybe a hot teacher started the ball rolling or your best friend’s mom was a sexy flirt.

Men do not trouble themselves with an age gap when we find someone sexually appealing and […] Sex with a cougar is something every younger man wants.

A cougar is a woman who digs younger men but that doesn’t mean she automatically forgets all she has learned of men as she’s grown up. In fact, a cougar can probably tell you more about what a woman likes to see a man in than your […] Cougars, Milf’s and hot moms have been adding up lately.

Not only is it more acceptable than ever before but technological advancements make it easier than ever for women to stay looking phenomenal for longer.

Dating a cougar is not just a night out and a bunk up, it's an adventure!

If you want to be ahead of the game and competition then read our essential guide on how to date a cougar in the RIGHT way - date more and score more.

However the basic rules of seeking a cougar on the best cougar dating websites remain the same, as all these sites use algorithms to find your match.