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I find myself very attracted to creative people – writers, musicians, artists, dancers, actors, etc.

I’m extremely hesitant in writing about people I care about, even though often times my friends will tell me stories starting off with “you should totally use this as material in a screenplay.” Inspiration often comes from real life, but I also acknowledge that people surrounding creative people do not necessarily choose to live public lives or put themselves out there in the way that some of us do.

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I also do not have a connection available to me to arrange a date with her even if she were single. It’s pretty much the same reason that I have things like cars and sports explained to me. May this article be grammatically correct as to not embarrass my professors and the head of the program who admitted me. We are just artsy people here to explain ourselves.

What would be a better idea is to ask how they got involved in writing, painting, etc.

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It could be as simple as something with Nutella…or cheese. Do not push your creative partner to write a romantic song for you.

If it’s going to happen, it will organically happen.

It may be slightly strange as I am not a creative type.

Unfortunately, I won’t have that common ground to discuss with them. I’ve read articles saying that creative people operate a little differently. How do I interact with someone creative without coming across as a creativity creeper?

Don’t be afraid to send a random encouraging message at times.

We may not be able to immediately reply back, but the thought is appreciated.

I know, even to me this seems like a great idea but it probably isn’t.