As for others just do a search and probbly you'll find other sites too.

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Alot of people there do have internet and also do use the chat lines.

You can check out also check on pof here and you'll be surpirsed just how many cubans are on the internet.

After a few days they finally goto the navy base and then were escorted to the airpor and flown to Miami to finish there Honeymoon. Get Married - Honeymoon with guns and bombs and 15 year old with machine guns lol My understanding is that you have to go through Venezula or another Latin country to Cuba and they don't stamp your passport. I also do not stay in Hotels did that a couple of times and found that it is not the real Cuba.

You cannot go directly to Cuba--at least this is what a man who has been often has told me. I rent a Casa Particular for roughly 20-30 CUC's a day.

Actually I know quite a bit about Cuba, this will be my 6th trip.

I am well aware of their economic situation and at the same time aware of their ability to internet access. Well now cuba is not in the 1890's like so many think they are!

LOLthe best site for Cuba it is called grantee you will be happy .. Even though it was cold for Cuba, I had a wonderful time!!!

and i am granting you that you will get respond quickly and meet them 100% reason i am saying this i tried it only to know is to try.. hope i answered your question....regard Nass Wished that I had of seen this before I went to Cuba last week! Wished I could have helped out all there who hurt economically.

OP - thankfully you're from Canada, so you should have an easier time to go versus someone living in USA. When I see pics of those old cars, I'd love to bring some back, have them restored and sell them. Food can be bought very cheap at the Cuban market and you pay in Cuban pesos not CUC's.