1) The NHL can get a discount by engraving the names now on the Stanley Cup.SHY ABOUT SHANIA Hey, Cujo, you old dog, whose bed have your boots been under?

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I used to be a Cujo fan but I don't think he's been the same since the loss to Sweden in the 2002 Olympics. Fed up with his mercenary attitude of following the dollars.

I'll never forget how dreadful he looked on Sundin's goal in that game. I play net and whenever I'm out of position and flopping around (and I'm often doing that), I blame the last few years of watching Cujo. Also, lucky they put the trapezoid in as if he was still playing the puck out of the crease, there would be another bunch of goals. Agree 100% He is playing for whatever easy money he can get and of course the leafs are famous for signing retreads, whose good days are long gone.

In December, it will announce figures for jersey sales on a Tuesday in North America.

Location: Euclid (I moved from Painesville but I can't change the name.)Pets: Cujo.

Remeber this is a team that is supposed to lose so they can get a high draft pick.

Likley also why Cujo has been brought in cold off the bench for penalty shoot outs.The NBA does a good PR job regarding sales of paraphernalia that the media sometimes fall for.Next month, the NBA will release its figures for the top 10 jersey sales in Asia.I think he was brought in as the unofficial goalie coach, and they let him wear the pads and play a little. born up north but a southerner by choice,have lived here for more than 30 adventure and mystery, will try anything once maybe twice, love to try new things.9) Dominic Moore is actually the reincarnation of Dickie Moore. 2) New listeria samples discovered were not in the Maple Leaf dressing room.