And now she is dating someone who is five years older than her? Miley Cyrus has been dating 20-year-old Justin Gaston, an underwear model and aspiring country singer. Her parents, Billy Ray and Tish, really gave them space.” Billy Ray, who is a host on , reportedly took Gaston under his wing, eventually introducing him to Miley three months ago, in June.Justin is a model and aspiring country singer who met Miley when he competed on Nashville Star.

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The show also prompted a panic about the racial implications of a white, Southern girl performing the increasingly notorious dance move known as “twerking”.

Just as the animal rights group Peta had protested against the use of a live snake in Spears’s act 12 years ago, so the inventor of the giant foam finger complained about Cyrus employing his creation – intended for waving at sports events – as a penis substitute.

She then expressed her intention to focus on acting, and made a handful of undistinguished forays into film.

With her career apparently on a downward trajectory, in February last year she parted ways with her long-standing manager, Jason Morey.

They also happen to share a manager: one Larry Rudolph.

In 2010, Cyrus’s last album, Can’t Be Tamed, shifted a disappointing 343,000 copies in the US.

They’re definitely together,” a source told the paper’s @Confidential gossip column.

They’re also frequent guest stars on each other’s social media accounts.

And now she is dating someone who is five years older than her? Therefore, to put it bluntly, why should we give a crap if she wants to date a twenty year old underwear model?