Gray-man is both the primary weapon in the war between good and evil, and also the source of some of humanity's most primitive urges.

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The visuals include the majority of our favorite characters, featuring mostly Allen Walker himself.

We also see quite a bit of Lenalee, Kanda and Lavi.

The majority of the montage is of a large fight scene, featuring the skills and Innocence of each main character, and hinting at some of the Noah powers. v=m Yoxjlhz3b E This opening features a great deal of new information, as Allen's Clown Crown has been revealed and some vital new faces show up.

Most notably, Bak and Fou make their official opening appearance.

After completing the album, the duo resolved to make something more of Discovery and the result was Interstella5555, one of the top animated films of 2003 and one of the most unique movies of all time.

Vocaloids have transformed the way music is being created, how characters are brought to life, and how some companies are viewing their intellectual properties.

In addition, we get a surprising amount of screen time for the new faces showing up. v=lakw UVff CUA The final opening is by far, the most info-packed and diverse montage of the four.

The most exorcists, the most Noah, the most powers, the most history and the most internal distress of several characters, all packed into one brief opening.

However, the one thing that remains constant is that it’s main purpose is to defeat the Akuma (demons), and to purify the souls that they have possessed.

Although many have wished to posses a weapon as powerful as the Innocence, the human will, or rather that of the future Exorcist, is not the one that determines whether or not the Innocence will merge with a potential wielder.

Redline is one of the most flat-out entertaining films to come out of anime in recent memory.