He recently told Access Hollywood, "He's a great guy.I've met him, he comes to the show and he's very supportive of Chelsea, which is cool." Colletti must have a thing for blondes. The couple, who racked up 59 points out of a possible 60, delivered a sensational samba with more than enough sizzle for the judges before ending their night with an urban freestyle routine.

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He previously dated Kristin Cavallari, Lauren Conrad and Hayden Panettiere.

After performing their regular individual dances, the partners chose a song that they would then only have minutes to practice to before hitting the floor for the instant dance round!

She seemed so confident that she was desperate for the judges to love it. "You got down, you got dirty," said Inaba, with sisterly affection.

Judge Len Goodman expressed liking (in his own way). Inaba was so impressed with her own dirtiness lessons that she gave it a 10. In truth, she does need help in the technical department. Hines Ward had the privilege of having Goodman tell him where to put his toes. He exudes such a charming personality that you don't always see that he isn't a terribly perfect performer. Then it was time for the dancers' attack of honesty: the freestyle. They threw in lifts that Alley would only attempt in a life beyond Scientology, and a level of energy that a case of Red Bulls couldn't generate. Goodman said he knows people think he's a fuddy-duddy, but he found this dance anything other than duddy. She attempted to show that 60-year-olds can get it on down without getting it on down to ER.

And, just like the original, it lasts three hours, with last night being merely the first third. Judge Carrie Ann Inaba wanted her to be less perky. Kane doesn't have that much in the way of hips, so she has to wear her trousers very low in order to make the eyes believe those hips exist.

In this samba, she wiggled her small bones to very large effect. I know it's a little strange to get used to, but thanks for making the best of it ... And, I lost my verification when I changed my name, but working to get it back. People struggled with pronouncing and spelling 'Staub.' Got tired of 'Stab' and 'Stub,' so "Chelsea Kane" makes life simpler.Our studio is next door to was planning to go by himself.He was actually following a trip his parents took on their honeymoon, which I thought was pretty cool."Dancing with the Stars" partners Mark Ballas and Chelsea Kane are steaming it up on AND off the dance floor.