(Come to think of it, we were married Islamically at the mosque 13 years ago, so it's even longer) I even visited his country last summer and my mother let me go without her I guess she trusts my DH and inlaws now after all these years, as early on she said I couldn't go unless she escorted me there.

Even in a Muslim country, Egypt, I felt safe and secure, and no one tried to buy me or my fair haired daughter.

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I think anyone who is getting married should know what they are getting into - so, thinking twice about an SO's religious affiliation (or lack there of) is prudent.

Although I respect people's right to practice whatever religion they want, I would never be interested in marrying or dating a religious zealot or anyone who uses their religion/beliefs to dominate anyone (especially women/wives)...

I do know one Muslim guy who married to an American, they divorced.

My brother in law was married to a Puerto Rican lady and they divorced (but this was mostly because she was 10 years his senior and actually had grandchildren while he didn't even have children yet) and another Muslim guy who was married to a Polish lady and they also divorced.

This is America, though where we enjoy a pretty high divorce rate in general. Any time a person has dual nationality it is a possibility that a child can be kidnapped and brought somewhere else.

So bottom line, women think twice before marrying ANYONE. I'm sorry my post offended you, mommytotwo, but I still stand behind it. Anyone married to a person with citizenship outside the country that has children has to be aware of the danger.

I am American, married a muslim man, am not brainwashed, am happy with my "arrangement", which I call marriage, am allowed to chat on a forum (however my DH did ask me to take our zip code off), and obviously have access to the web.

So I am not going to claim that everyone who marries a Muslim man has no problems and lives happily ever after. There are actually countless stories of children being kidnapped by a parent who has a citizenship other than US.

So I am not going to claim that everyone who marries a Muslim man has no problems and lives happily ever after.