Analyze, share and publish your newly collected data or review and update your previous data.Make your workflow and decision making effective by creating accurate and timely information in a fast and user friendly way.Then, the algorithm of removing watermark information is designed after updating data.

The SGID Index is a sortable and filterable table containing data items contained in our SGID.

It is a great resource to quickly find GIS data and resources important to you.

GIS Cloud Mobile Data Collection enables you to have media enriched location information from any place, any time and on any device.

With only a few taps of your finger you are populating data into a map layer in real time.

What makes a GIS different from other database systems is that the information managed has a geographic or spatial context.

Based on the common denominator of geographic location, GIS ties data from many different sources into 1 common map form.Communications in Computer and Information Science, vol 482.Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg The need for updating GIS spatial data automatically and effectively, especially ensuring data security which motivated us to propose a scheme based on digital watermark technology that detects and locates modification data with high accuracy while guarantees exact recovery of the original content and the updated data.GIS creates, manages, maintains, and updates programs and data related to GIS technology and services to county departments, other public and private entities, and the public.Specific functions include: A GIS is a specific piece of computer software that, like a database program, allows the user to store, maintain, analyze, and display database information.The Carmenta Geodata Organiser comes with a configurable GIS portal user interface for listing resources and carrying out efficient searches based on metadata content.