Connection changes For changes in the configuration without contractual implication we schedule a provisioning time of 1 working day.For configuration changes with a contractual implication, e.g.Excluded from this definition are service failures due to: Service deterioration is defined as not performing according to the set performance parameters outlined below.

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Company name (Crosby IP), logo, Working Load Limit and jaw opening permanently stamped on body.

Each product is individually serialized, with the serial number and Proof Load test date stamped on body.

A./CANADA)Before updating the firmware on your IS-CCU, please verify the current version.

If your unit is currently running version 2.01 or lower, please send a request to [email protected] instructions on how to proceed.

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The aim of the AMS-IX Network Operations Centre (NOC) is to have a network availability of at least 99.99%.

AMS-IX considers both service interruption as well as deterioration of service as service failure.

Also, this stage of the process allows the AMS-IX NOC to verify that the member's equipment is configured according to the AMS-IX rules for connecting.

Once this is done and the AMS-IX NOC has concluded that the interface is "clean" (see item service quality), the interface is placed into the appropriate production VLAN in mutual agreement with the member.

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