I tend to be very romantic with women very intensely way too soon into a relationship, and this with a woman. Another thing I notice about my habits is the perpetual dissatisfaction I have with my relationships.

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One of the things people tend to report about borderline women is--for lack of a better word--enthusiasm in the bedroom.

I don't want to sound arrogant, but I do believe that this is also the case for men.

This girl who I idealized and saw as amazing not too long ago is now someone with too many flaws for me to handle. I do that too to an extent with girls I want to get to know.

I'll want to know them because I see them as some amazing girl, she'll make me so happy, etc.

I need someone who is perceptive enough to recognize my feelings without me having to spell it out.

Even a lot of neurotypical (not autistic) women aren't good at this. Officially: Asperger's, Nonverbal Learning Disorder, Avoidant Personality Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, PTSD, Anxiety Disorder, Disassociative Disorder - NOS, and now, finally, Bipolar II. I do that a lot if I let the relationship proceed further, or don't mess it up, where I just notice all of a girls flaws and then I become standoffish and cold.I go from super nice to super denigrating, and then I'm usually the one who ends things.It's as if i see them as just perfect in the beginning, and then suddenly, I see all their flaws as magnified.Though there is deficit to a degree in cognitive empathy for the borderline, they don't have any less emotional empathy than a neurotypical person. Will BPD men leave women feeling emotionally confused or upset? Are we horrible people that will leave you emotionally vacant? Are we all narcissists who are completely void of empathy?I'd really encourage other Borderlines to take the Empathy Quotient Test--it would really help disprove the false label we receive as unempathetic narcissists. Instead of depicting the BPD man as a piece of sh*t better left off in some prison like this author does, it would be useful to give the female readers a bit of insight into the feelings a BPD man experiences--actually coming from a man with BPD. Haha, come on that's just mudslinging bullsh*t that can't be taken seriously.And despite all the fear of abandonment and wanting her not to cheat on me so badly, I'll be on the lookout all the time for other girls. One thing I'd like to add is, after the initial intense period happens right after you hook up, I'm like you in that I become whatever the girl wants.