Date the women God brings into your life, choose the most suitable one, and commit to marriage.

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Shame on them for thinking God is fine with their putting off marriage (and don’t hide behind the “but I can’t find a good woman” excuse, they are plentiful and accessible). Not financial security, but earnings capability security.

Women want to be loved with exclusivity and affection, and that is their true security. Are you making a good living that can support a family?

” You won’t see this question because no one would answer it truthfully.

Many men, even Catholics, are having sex before marriage.

Some have sex with women they would never marry, while trying to find a pure girl (some even requiring a virgin) to marry. Men can get married at whatever age and still have children.

Some have sex with the girl they are dating instead of building a quality relationship founded on friendship, faith, trust, and respect formed by his leadership and example. Women have precious little fertility time, which typically ends sometime in their 40’s.

A confirmed bachelor is not too anxious to take on the responsibility of being the head of the household and breadwinner.

He feels it is an old-fashioned notion for men to provide in a single income family.#5 Hot or Not: looking for love in all the wrong places.

As I said, this is a list of symptoms of Confirmed Bachelor Syndrome. So no ladies, all men are NOT pigs, nor are they purposely trying to hurt you.

They do not need your anger, bashing, or condemnation.

They need your prayers, kindness, gentleness, and understanding. Recognize these things, wake up, and realize the error of your ways. If you show signs of any of these symptoms of Confirmed Bachelor Syndrome, please take action and seek help right away for relief and freedom into the healthier lifestyle men are called to.