I just realized that I've worked this lil machine for 33 years, and it still purrs.

The Sears Kenmore 1560 (Model 148.1560) is a very solid, well-built sewing machine. This sewing machine is an all-metal gear driven mechanical sewing machine so maintaining it is simple.

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I have now gone through two sergers, sold the industrial, but still have the Kenmore - which is actually waiting on the worktable behind me to finish a large project for the Nursery at my local hospital.

I luv this machine, and don't want to ever loose it!!

This machine is a Free-Arm but if you do not need to use it this way you can still access the bobbin by opening the shuttle cover.

Having a Free-Arm is a great feature on any sewing machine.

The feed dogs on this machine can be dropped for free-motion sewing or drawing, it has Reverse Stitch Control; handy for fastening a seam and bar tacking.

It uses regular Class 15 and Standard 15×1 needles which are readily available in most brick and mortar stores and online including Sears parts website.

The first step to finding a Kenmore sewing machine manual is to get the whole model number. Once you have found the first three digits click on the link at the left to find your manual.

Most Kenmore machines have three numbers at the beginning of the model. If the number is on the motor or foot control it is not the model number of the machine. Kenmore 117 sewing machine manuals Kenmore 120 sewing machine manuals Kenmore 148 sewing machine manuals 385.11101 - 385.12916 385.15008 - 385.16841 385.16951 - 385.81808 We also carry a selection of Kenmore service manuals on the service manual page. You can view a selection of free Kenmore sewing machine threading diagrams by clicking here.

Another thing I love about the Kenmore 1560 is that many vintage Singer (low shank) attachments and presser feet will fit this machine.

If you find this machine for sale in good working order, I would recommend you purchase it; it will not disappoint.

My 1560 came in its original case and by the photo you can see that the plastic has yellowed but it has protected the machine very well.