But given the uniqueness of the movement and the iconic design, Mondaine watches have become a worldwide brand that millions of people now love.Whether it’s a collector in his golden years or a hipster flashing some nostalgia, the Mondaine watches have a distinct set of wearers.

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Mondaine is on the brink of history; in a technology driven industry, creating a cutting-edge smart watch which still upholds the Swiss timepiece standards: always on time, high quality, beautiful design.

Not simply a wearable device, the Mondaine Helvetica 1 Smart is an accessory in line with the brand's core values: timeless, simple, different, and can be passed down for generations.

The clean white dial has a discreet yet easy-to-read date, bold minute lines and a red second hand, producing a graphically clear and extremely legible effect in iconic Swiss design.

An understated yet sleek black leather strap adds to the overall sophistication of the timepiece, which is perfect for everyday wear as well as special occasions.

Only watches meeting the most exacting standards keep an entire nation's railroad system on track.

The styles exceed even the best standards demanded by the Swiss railways. Benedikt Weibel, CEO of Swiss Federal Railways, Mondaine is the official and exclusive Swiss Railway Watch.

Over the years, Mondaine has expanded its influence on the watch industry itself.

Mondaine released the industry-changing M-watch in 1983 after much anticipation to compete with the more traditional Swatch watch.

They define the standards for watches around the world.

The easy-to-read design of the Official Swiss Railways Watch has become a pattern recognized everywhere.

After only a few short years, more than 5 million M-watches were sold within Switzerland alone.