But there are some things that are just best left unsaid (or even un-thought), whether they're super-clichéd come-ons, overused jokes, or straight-up dickish comments. Plus, you know, maybe just tip the nice lady who is nakedly spinning upside down in front of you a little extra?

dating a stripper what everyone says-48

Until strip clubs take a cue from libraries and institute no-talking rules (think about it!

), people are going to keep talking in them, roaring loudly over a soundtrack of clanking heels and Sevendust classics as they scream to their buddies and fire uninspired pickup lines at the ladies on stage.

Surprisingly, they're also the things that strippers hear more than anything. If she wants you to know her real name, she’ll tell you.

As it stands, you’re likely the 40th person to ask this in an hour, and she’s not breaking character.

Unless it’s “holy shit, you’re amazing on that pole,” let’s go ahead and keep theology to the confessional booth tomorrow. The sheer number of times this is said by some weenus who thinks he’s being cute is astounding. They don’t automatically assume you’re from a broken marriage, after all. “I’m actually a sociologist who’s just doing this to get an understanding of strip-club culture so I can write a book,” says the woman who is currently on the clock and being paid not to puke on you for asking stupid questions.

“Sure, can I get you a drink and some food while I’m up?

He explains to Barney that every time he wants to fantasize, he must create an elaborate scenario where Lily must die of a terminal illness.

While they discuss this, Jasmine (Alyson Hannigan) — a stripper who looks exactly like Lily — appears on stage, exciting Barney to no end.

Robin wants to have a serious talk about the relationship, but Barney remains oblivious.

Before Ted and Jen can kiss again on the roof, he stops and realizes that their quirks are part of who they are and that they should hold out for someone who'll not just tolerate them, but like them.

Future Ted then tells his kids that when he told the shellfish pun to their mother, she laughed (almost completely sincerely).