And since, I have reflected upon it many, many times, wondering exactly what it meant. But the first thing we see about people is the color of their skin. There are many other things that have to do with white privilege.

“If you put our daughters in a group of black children, nobody would ever guess they were biracial.” Both of our girls have skin tones similar to the average African American. These are just the beginning of what I worry about. And it never occurred to me that anything terrible might happen to me if I were caught.

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I usually laugh, whenever I encounter someone who speaks in this manner. In other words, they expect a negative reaction, or a reaction. With that said, this comment comes from a Caucasian male, addressing his disdain for Caucasian women.

Well, specifically, the ones romantically involved with Black males.

To set the stage, I am the last person to force matters subjectively, to push a racial perspective.

However, in no way does that sentence undermine the existence of racism.

We both knew it meant something—for us as well as for our children—although at the time, I’m not sure either of us knew exactly what. Things like: * The ability to get a pass from a professor with little question asked after he missed an exam.

In Tim Wise’s book, White Like Me, he talks about the privileges he received from being white.The quote above involving Black males and Caucasian women is an interesting one. I often read articles and hear people say that its first biracial president.The election of Barack Obama will not end racism, and to be honest, I do not think racism will ever end.And I realize just how unbelievably lucky I have been to escape so many bad things that could have happened to me. I’m not saying that all the bad things happen to all the black people and that white people never have bad things happen to them. I wonder what would have happened if I had been black and snuck out of my bedroom window when I was 15; if I had gone walking around my mostly white neighborhood, a block away from a Christian university campus, with white men patrolling and lots of street lights. Perhaps, if I’d been born a child of color and perhaps not lived in such a neighborhood, things would have been different.Or perhaps, someone might have seen me as an opportunity, someone without the protection of white society. Whenever you provide someone anonymity, I genuinely believe this is where you will discover someone’s real opinion on anything.