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The launch of OPDV’s #controlisntlove awareness campaign featured iconic Valentine’s Day conversation hearts in social media advertisements and as props in a photo booth activity around the state.

Instead of the traditional happy messages of love on these candies, the hearts showed the kinds of controlling words that victims of abuse might hear from their partners.

Available to order as a hard copy Domestic Violence and Strangulation: A Guide for Victims and Professionals pdf HTML (web page), provides information about the signs and symptoms of strangulation, and provides recommendations and resources for victims and professionals. Domestic Violence and the Workplace: A Handbook for Employers provides information to employers about the impact domestic violence can have in the workplace, and offers guidance and resources on how to best address the concern.

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Domestic Violence and the Workplace: Safety Plan Meeting Guidelines (pdf) HTML (web page) - is a tool that will assist managers and supervisors in creating a workplace safety plan for victims of domestic violence that will enhance their safety and the overall safety of the workplace.

Domestic Violence and Risk of Homicide: Know the Red Flags (pdf) card provides easy-to-understand indicators of potentially dangerous or deadly domestic violence and provides concrete suggestions about how to help victims.

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