However, it has become more widely accepted these days that seniors will consider starting new relationships later in life and there are even dating agencies and websites dedicated to this more mature market.

Many of these service providers offer a range of options for seniors wishing to make new friends, seek a love interest or even enter into casual relationships.

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Of those who are single and “looking,” 38 percent have tried online sites or mobile apps.

Rather, it’s often due to underlying medical or emotional problems suchas heart disease or diabetes, medication side effects, or anxiety.

Because ED maybe the first sign of an underlying medical condition, it’s particularly important totalk to your healthcare provider if you experience this problem.

Therefor no specific reasons should be needed for considering starting a new relationship or seeking new partners through dating.

It may not always be about love and intimacy but seniors may wish to meet new people and start friendships rather than intimate relationships.

The need for intimacy and companionship is not age dependent and where there is a willing partner, a new relationship should be encouraged and accepted if it is desired.

Relationships, or the lack of it, has been shown to be factors in depression in the elderly and even affects the lifespan.

Here are 4 tips on having and enjoying safe sex, no matter what your age.