So that is typical of what you can expect from men here.Of course, I don’t know any women who would be comfortable with the May/Dec type relationships men seem to embrace so easily.

Personality wise, I’ve found a pattern emerging that the most attractive men…based purely on looks…tend to grow less attractive as I’ve gotten to know them.

On the other hand, I can think of one man, definitely not bound for any GQ covers, who’s personality is just so incredible he grows more and more attractive as I’ve gotten to know him.

Just find out if they’re married or not because that to them does not seem to interfere too much with flirting or sometimes even dating.

Which in itself says just about all you need to know.

For lady expats….uhhhh, smile and try not to laugh.

@- I wouldn’t introduce anyone to my parents unless they were wearing the name tag “boyfriend” for at least a month. Be warned your date could involve sitting around house watching tv with 3 uncles, 2 cousins, brothers, brothers wives, their 2 kids… Also, you’re way more likely to find that people here on the dating market have more kids on average for any given age than in the US.If you are 40 or over, it’s different in that the attention is far more courteous.You will get asked out all the time because Ecuadorian men seem to have a preference for gringas. Good for you to courageously venture outside the bounds of gringolandia. From today on, I will be your light and your darkness, I will be your laughter or your tears perhaps, your thoughts and your actions I do not know. My feelings are pure, my heart is clean, I only want to tell you that I am alive. With affection, from an angel who only wants to be your friend and get to know you better. There is one gay discotec (Presidente Borrero and Presidente Cordova) but when I peeked my head in (it is next to a jazz cafe), it was all men, so no idea where Cuenca’s lesbians go. You can see me as an angel that wants to give you wings to fly, like a man who wants to rob your heart or maybe just a a simple friend who wants to give you friendship.I spent a little time in Ecuador and ended up getting out as fast as I could.