They’ll want to spend crazy amounts of time with you.If you pursue outside interests and activities then your loyalties will be questioned.You spend an incredible amount of time together or you’re thinking of each other when you’re not.

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However, my ex would rarely ever be opposed to my thoughts and opinions, which really pissed me off.

There's no way he agreed with everything I had to say, especially when I delved into topics he was more credible toward.

In this article, I want to focus on obsessive lovers.

Signs of an Obsessor: Barrages you with intense and constant attention Demands unreasonable amounts of your time Ignores other aspects of their life for you Shows jealously towards anyone and any activity that competes for your attention Follows you or checks up on you when you’re not together Physically ignores personal space to show others that you’re taken Obsessive love begins with intense emotions, flattery and attention, but slowly turns into an unhealthy possessiveness of you.

If you’re not careful then you might find yourself wondering how you ended up isolated from your family and friends and controlled by your partner.

Ultimately, knowing the signs of an obsessive partner can help you better navigate such a relationship.My mom has told me how her father was the same way toward her mother, so I began to believe being spoiled by my future partner(s) would be essential for a happy and successful relationship.I eventually found someone who was as selfless as my father and grandfather, but it was not as rewarding as I imagined it would be.When I get into conversations about love, dating or romance, people want to know the red flags of trouble.I tell them that trouble brews when emotion trumps reason in relationships. You dismiss the tiny little warning telling you that something isn’t right.Therefore, he didn't exactly offer useful commentary or contributions toward our conversations, and I became bored rather quickly.