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Everyone's always talking about the difficulties of single life.

How hard it is to find someone to share your days with, how difficult it is to meet someone normal and how confusing it is to sleep with someone you can't read.

We’ve all tried the friend date, and we’ve all been disappointed.

We’ve all gotten dressed, left our cozy apartment and met up with someone who just wasn’t worth the subway ride.

I guess people are just looking for sex before a platonic movie date.

Just like dating, we’re judging on the outside first.But hey, there are no rules in love and amicable friendships, right?Lauren Martin is a Senior Lifestyle Writer at Elite Daily.Where's my coed group of hot, single pals who spend all day in my apartment talking about life, love and Donald Trump? You spend three-fourths of your time at work, so if you haven't made friends there, you're out of luck.Your nightly outings are spent prowling for sex, not platonic conversation.Most people have already solidified a core group, and even if they're unhappy with their friendships, they aren't out going out Friday night trolling for new ones.