Since then Cub threads have seen myriad alterations. When the Cubs officially became "The Cubs" in 1903, the team's uniforms were the plainest of plain: white, standard fold-down collar with a pocket on the left breast and simplified old-English C adorned the pocket of the gray road uniform.Since then Cub threads have seen myriad alterations.In recent years, the baseball cap has become more of an everyday fashion than a function of keeping the sun off of a player's head and out of his eyes on the ball diamond.

I believe that caps are relatively still affordable and somewhat unappreciated by the collecting public.

One of the main reasons that caps worn by Hall of Famers and star players are undervalued is because most are tough to authenticate.

I have been collecting caps for quite some time now and have over 50 Hall of Famers in my stable.

Like most sports memorabilia, I have watched the prices of caps steadily increase over the years.

There have been countless professional cap manufacturers over the past century.

Some of the more prominent ones include Wright and Ditson, Reach, Spalding, Wilson, Mac Gregor, Mc Auliffe, KM Pro and New Era.The baseball cap has gone through minimal transformations since the earliest days of the game.The primal baseball photograph of the 1846 Knickerbockers pictures six team members wearing nearly identical straw hats.NOTE: The Tribune studied the Baseball Hall of Fame’s database of uniforms, a respected sports logo tracker and stacks of file photos to put together this analysis of the Cubs evolving uniforms.Naturally over the course of more than a century there are some discrepancies in logos, jerseys and other uniform parts that come up.This style cap was not much different from the traditional baseball cap.