Why is Trump winning in China's bureaucracy now, after years of failure?

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He added that the outcome of future cases could depend on Trump's relationship with Beijing.

“If there's a clear decision made by an angry Chinese government to stop giving broad protection to the Trump name in China, Trump's ability to defend or enforce his name could be quite limited,” Plane said. The Chinese name brings together ideas of innovation and popularity and has nothing to do with President Trump, said Zhong Jiye, another founder.

The company says sales were up more than 50 percent last year and an international expansion is in the works — perhaps under a different brand now that Trump is president.

People use Trump toilets some 100 million times a year, said Zhong Jiye.

Trump that is relatively inexpensive for the Chinese, potentially very valuable to him, but it could be very costly for the United States.” Richard Painter, chief White House ethics lawyer under President George W. Trump has dismissed the lawsuit as “totally without merit.” The precise value of the trademarks is a matter of debate, but the billionaire president himself has said he considers the Trump brand to form a major part of his fortune, and he has long fought to protect his trademarks in China.

Bush, called the situation “highly improper.” Since foreign governments know Trump cares deeply about his family's business, Painter said, “they will give him what he wants and they will expect stuff in return.” Eisen and Painter are involved in a lawsuit alleging that Trump's foreign business ties violate the U. “I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees to secure my own name and globally recognized brand from Chinese individuals who seek to trade off my reputation,” Trump wrote in 2011 to then-U. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke about a trademark dispute in Macau, an autonomous region of China.That's what happened in the case nearing completion this week.Trump applied for rights to the Trump mark for construction services on Dec.In January, China's Supreme People's Court released a legal interpretation stipulating that names of “political, economic, cultural, religious, national and other public figures” should not be trademarked. Others say politics almost certainly played a role. Chinese authorities were now ruling on case that pitted a guy from Liaoning province against a man running for president of the United States.That notice came after a December ruling that returned the Chinese version of Michael Jordan's name from Qiaodan Sports Co. “Particularly something of this scale, where there are international repercussions for a given decision, it would be hard to imagine that the judges, the Trademark Office and/or the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board were acting without some kind of guidance,” said Dan Plane, a director at Simone IP Services, a Hong Kong intellectual property consultancy.“There can be no question that it is a terrible idea for Donald Trump to be accepting the registration of these valuable property rights from China while he's a sitting president of the United States,” said Norman Eisen, who served as chief White House ethics lawyer for President Barack Obama.