Hyderabad Nightlife Fever Hyderabad has an energetic and a cosmopolitan nightlife.

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My friends informed me that top personalities from movies, politics, sports & corporates visit these places and spend their night with music, dance & drinks.

Best DJs from India and from the globe make these dance lovers to break the floor with their sizzling music.

As you'd expect, these are mainly frequented by hotel guests - well heeled Indian and foreign tourists - but they're open to any reasonably dressed patron.

Partygoers can find a variety of upcoming events at local hotspots that may be of interest.

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Some popular nightspots are within hotels and others are independent.

Few Nightclubs are limited to the five-star hotels, which all have their own discos, bars and sometimes gaming rooms.

You can find few discos and all-night joints further out of the city. The city comes alive during the night and these places tend to shut early in the morning.