I've often wondered if there would be much of a demand for an 12 Step Dating website, where singles in 12 Step programs could meet up with other 12 Step singles. When you think about at all the ways that singles typically meet; work, through friends and family, other online dating sites, and the infamous bar scene...well, you never really know what the drinking habits of a potential suitor might be (except for the bar scene and I know for certain that I'm not going down that road! For me to stay sober, I know that I wouldn't ever want to have a a dating or romantic relationship with a drinker again..if they weren't an alcoholic. I know that down the road when I will be more interested in getting back into the dating world, I will definitely only want to get involved with a non-drinker.

If anyone would be willing to go through the various posts and gather all of the commented finds (vs attached) we can make this list even better.

I'll keep you guys up to date with updates as they come about. One thing that would really help is an ability to filter out, collect, or pull all of the valid hashes from a (very large) file.

I too have collected quite a few lists from various pastebin posts and am working on a similar list like i did for insidepro, but with all of the posts from @pastebindorks.

I have a collection of links..need to get them all from pastebin without getting constantly banned for hammering their server.

I think im going to see if I can pipe the list through jtr, cat the output back into the original file, then remove all duplicates. Thanks so much to all of you *edit* Also, my initial estimates of how much raw data i had were slightly off.

The original thought was that it was ~800MB of raw data, turns out, it was closer to ~2.5GB. This is a list of every password within an attached file for insidepro through 5 days ago. Let me know what you guys thinkthanks for making the list. was able to extract using 7z on linux with the given password file format is for DOS $ dos2unix insidepro_.wordlist dos2unix: Skipping binary file insidepro_.wordlist $ dos2unix -f insidepro_.wordlist dos2unix: converting file insidepro_.wordlist to UNIX format ...

I think knowing on the front-end that someone is living sober and has/is working the steps would take that concern away from me and allow me to be more open and hopeful with the potential of the relationship.

It would also be comforting for me to know that if I were to become involved with a fellow recovering alcoholic that he would understands the struggles and the work involved in living sober and it seems like having a partner in the program would make it so much better than working the program on your own! Kelly There are a couple of Recovery Singles sites out there, but I haven't joined.

I am going to be combining a bunch of smaller lists, then a MEGA list to keep from doing the same work multiple times.