Who can forget the excitement and hope of finding a new relationship?

Unlike a date, there may have been a team of people you met with; don't forget them. Anyone going through a number of first dates is excited but probably also riddled with fears and some insecurities especially if you've been off the market for awhile.

A friend told me about a book called , when trapeze artists let go of the swinging bar -- that is where the magic can occur -- before they grab the next bar and know they are safe.

“There is, of course, value in having a strong brand name on your resume, but if the role isn’t the right fit, you may wind up miserable.

I’ve seen a lot of candidates who really want to be programmers take a testing role at a big name tech company, just to get in the door.

She suggests bringing up a question didn’t get answered during the interview.

“No matter how well the interview goes,” Oliver says, “you need to thank that person.” “You don’t need to commit to a relationship after your first date, and you don’t need to accept an offer as soon as you get it,” says Mc Dowell.

I suggest you have a really thoughtful three- to four-paragraph letter explaining where you are and what you are looking to do next.

Specifics help your friends know with whom to set you up.

“But if you are too picky, you might never get any choices.