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Wishing to meet a young guy to form a loving,caring relationship or one night stand.

If you want to nudge him to respond, keep it jokey, so you don't seem annoying. ")It might seem like innocent flirting to send sexy pictures to your guy, but if the pics get circulated, it's dangerous to your rep, it's devastating to your self-esteem, and it can even be illegal.

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But when you're always so straightforward, your texts can get a little boring. You might freak out when you press send, but it's worth it: When you set the tone for a flirtier conversation, your crush will return the favor!

Unless your text was intercepted by the CIA (trust us — it wasn't), he got your message.

I love almost everything that belongs to women as the insides(friendliness, honesty..) as the outsides (cosmetics,clothes,footwear ,fetishes plus a lot more.

My hobbies are soccer, swimming, walking, hiking, going to pubs, restaurants with friends...

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If you’re one of those g URLs who gets super awkward around her crush, don’t stress ? Oh, sure, there are some g URLs who can flip their hair and giggle like a pro, but then there are those of us who trip over our own shoes. Some guys and g URLs actually prefer awkward flirting. re a master flirt or if you could use a little help in that department.