Holding the nation's first nationwide elections in 1970, he delayed the power transition to Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman that inflammed the civil violent unrest in East-Pakistan and authorized the East Pakistani authorities to violently suppressed the rebellion while trying restoring the law and order in West-Pakistan.

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Pakistan now turned to China for military aid and the Chinese tank T-59 started replacing the US M-47/48 tanks as the Pakistan Army's MBT (Main Battle Tank) from 1966.

80 tanks, the first batch of T-59s, a low-grade version of the Russian T-54/55 series were delivered to Pakistan in 1965-66.

Pakistan suffered a decisive defeat from East Pakistan and India in the Liberation War of 1971, which saw the annihilation of Eastern Command, loss of geopolitical influence in the Muslim world, and the succession of East Pakistan as Bangladesh– thus break-up of unity of Pakistan.

Yahya Khan was commissioned from Indian Military Academy Dehra Dun on 15 July 1939.

This idea failed miserably in the 1965 war and the need to have intermediate corps headquarters in between the GHQ and the fighting combat divisions was recognized as a foremost operational necessity after the 1965 war. This embargo did not affect the Indian Army but produced major changes in the Pakistan Army's technical composition.

In 1965 war the Pakistan Army had only one corps headquarters (i.e. US Secretary of State Dean Rusk well summed it up when he said, "Well if you are going to fight, go ahead and fight, but we’re not going to pay for it".

All the major actors of the period were creatures of a historic legacy and a psycho-political milieu which did not lend itself to accommodation and compromise, to bargaining and a reasonable settlement.

Nurtured on conspiracy theories, they were all conditioned to act in a manner that neglected agreeable solutions and promoted violent judgements".

But Yahya inherited an extremely complex problem and was forced to perform the multiple roles of caretaker head of the country, drafter of a provisional constitution, resolving the One Unit question, satisfying the frustrations and the sense of exploitation and discrimination successively created in the East Wing by a series of government policies since 1948.