Most of these sex workers are not dependent upon the money that they earn by performing sexual acts.Even those forced to work in illegal brothels began on a voluntary basis.In this way, prospective clients and male prostitutes can directly arrange in-person appointments without needing to rely on a brothel or club.

Of course, there were men whom he did not find attractive, but he had various tricks to overcome that problem.

Jacques van der Kolk of the Prostitution and Health Center of the Public Health Care (GGD) described most clients and providers as identifying as bi- or homosexual.

However, the men who go on paydates would not identify themselves as prostitutes.

This term is probably reserved for females in the Red Light District or to people who consider sex work their full time job.

The reason for prostituting himself was that he could use the money, and he also found it pleasurable.

His clients, he explains, trusted him with their fantasies.

It is therefore important to raise awareness about the existence of these boys and men.

During our quest to paint a picture of male prostitution in the country, we were often surprised by the helpfulness of the community even while being shocked about some of the details of the business.

These resources include STD tests, legal advice, psychosocial aid, and assistance in quiting prostitution.