The movie marked the film debut of Andy Griffith and Lee Remick and also starred Patricia Neal.

Today, the town’s role in the film is commemorated with exhibits in the visitor center, as well as the town’s motto: “Piggott: Where You’re Not Just a Face in the Crowd.” A mural on the town square, painted by Rector artist Carolyn Caldwell, celebrates not only the Hemingway and connections but also its role as a marrying mecca.

While Piggott was respected as a doctor, he endeared himself even more to his neighbors by successfully petitioning for a post office for the remote settlement.

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The purpose was to make these services available to all real property owners within the corporate limits. Other streets and sidewalks were paved during the 1930s Works Progress Administration (WPA), with financial support from Paul Pfeiffer to help citizens pay their assessed share.

Another major contribution during the Depression era was a post office mural, titled “Air Mail,” painted by Daniel Rhodes as part of the New Deal effort to put people back to work. Despite the Pfeiffers many civic and philanthropic efforts in Piggott, they are perhaps best known as the parents of Pauline Pfeiffer, who married Ernest Hemingway.

Limited retail establishments surrounded the square, with plenty of vacant lots to support traveling tent shows, medicine shows, candy vendors, and parking for horses and wagons.

Most of the businesses around town were agricultural related, such as farm implement dealers, harness and leather shops, a handle mill, a grain mill and elevator, and a stave mill.

The town has restored its Cotton Belt depot for use as a visitor center and initiated a streetscape program that includes a Piggott Historical Walkway.

Piggott, recognized since 1997 as an Arkansas Community of Excellence, boasts eighteen churches, a large community park and amphitheater and a modern community center with a gym, a walking track, racquetball courts, a computer room, and kitchen and dining areas.Hollywood put Piggott on the map again when Apremiered in 1957.Director Elia Kazan and writer Budd Schulberg selected the town as an attractive, bucolic small town in mid-America.The city-owned hospital, airport, and school system have undergone expansion to keep up with the needs of the twenty-first century, and the elementary school and high school are accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.Though it remains rural in nature, Piggott has expanded its economic base beyond agriculture, and its industrial area includes Aerial Bouquets, a family-owned business that manufactures and distributes mylar balloons and floral products to florists and supermarkets around the country, and a 330,000 square foot wood plant facility for L. Darling Co., headquartered in Paragould and one of the nation’s largest manufacturers of wood and metal store fixtures.During the peak year of 1950, there were 5,960 marriages in Piggott, more than twice the entire population.